Frequent travel

I travel on work every month or at least once in every six weeks. I live in two places (or at least I try to!) which means I have two homes, two wardrobes and basically two lives. Sounds like fun? Yes, it can be but not always. Sometimes it just takes the mickey out of you!

So I was away last week in Chennai. It was hot, humid and dusty. Of course, I was indoors most of the time.

My main gripe is that, much as I try, my exercise routine goes out of gear. And I hate that. And mind you this is despite the fact that I own and run a gym in Chennai!! I do get in some great workouts with my trainers, but I think I just need to be more disciplined.  Somehow, I have taken to sleeping in a little when I am there. Being an Obgyn (that’s Obstetrician & Gynecologist) in my other life, sleep is a scarce commodity and is practically revered! So, that’s my excuse for ‘sleeping in’ when I know I will not be woken by the hospital intercom at night.

Well anyway, point is, it’s not easy

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