My second book


An Essential Guide to Losing Fat by Gaining Muscle

that’s the title..and …. It’s dedicated to …

All the women I have treated, taught, trained and counselled  who have allowed me an insight into their lives. 

So…I am done with my second book. I mean, I was ‘done’ in January this year. I excitedly sent in the manuscript to my publisher, very pleased with myself. Four weeks ago I got the edited version. My anxiety levels skyrocketed as I saw the zillion coloured ‘correction’ text boxes that I was supposed to go through. It was arduous and quite frankly, killing. I could not believe there wet so many “mistakes”. Anyway, I slowly went cross eyed as I scanned  every word labourously and made several more corrections of my own. 

Last week I received the PDF of the typeset version of my text. There are more errors!! How is that even possible? I feel frantic with worry. It seems like there is no end to this.

Apparently the brain auto corrects as we read. So I am reading – ‘Muscle is very important tissue that is critical for ones functionality’. When actually I have written – ‘Music is very important tissue that is critical for functionality’. Interesting! And mind you, I have read that sentence several hundred times!!

I am so very grateful to my editor. She is a gorgeous girl, very patient with my never ending queries and suggestions. My copy editor was very thorough with the first edit too. He has even gone through every single reference I have quoted and quizzed me on the article, author, journal and so on. This made me review everything again. But apparently, he was not thorough enough with the text as there were several other, different kind of  errors that I am discovering as I go through the PDF.

So we go back and forth. More corrections.  More editing.

Wish me luck. It’s going to be many more long sleepless nights of reading, re-reading & re-writing. If there are errors in the final text, well, what can I say ? We did our best and will keep improving in the next editions.  I have to remember that the ‘Afterword‘ in my book is called

Wabi Sabi

Nothing is perfect, Nothing is permanent and Nothing is finished…………