Serendipity is the aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident. Do you often sense the hint of serendipity with happenstance, especially when you look back at it from a distance? Like the time you randomly meet someone on an aircraft and then run into her at an opportune business meeting later making a tenable connection. Or, you rescue a lost dog only to find his owner is cute and single (ok, so that sounds like a line out of a racy romance novel, but you know what I mean!).

Serendipity has played such a large role in my life I often wonder if it’s all in my mind. Do fortuitous coincidences happen like this for everyone? Or is it because I am always watchful for them and am hyper sensitive to them? I find a reason for just about everything. Mostly in retrospect (hind sight as they say is 20/20), nevertheless there it is. Perhaps you could call it ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’; whatever it is I feel as if a gossamer web of coincidences has always encircled my life.

Like this dear friend of mine who stopped on a busy highway in Madras to play Good Samaritan to an elderly gentleman whose car had broken down. The gentleman’s daughter exchanged visiting cards with my friend and he mentioned this to me. It turns out, she is closely related to another dear friend and we ended up with a deep connection and many shared values.

On a larger scale, I live in this small town where I was born and brought up. I never intended to live her ‘when I grew up’! Circumstances made it necessary. Having lived here however has created the perfect opportunity for me to have an alternate career in Fitness as an extension of my medical practice, write three books, have a Fitness studio and follow my passion for Psychology by doing Positive Psychology to incorporate into my Lifestyle Training. All of this would certainly have not been possible had I lived in a city with a frenzied lifestyle. As it stands my semi-isolation here allows me the time to invest in the things I love like Fitness and Lifestyle, Psychology etc. besides my Obgyn practice.

Coincidences? Perhaps! Serendipitous no doubt! Perhaps I have a habit of tying things up to make sense of my life. To create meaning and purpose and to understand where I want to go with it. That’s how I function.

Look for serendipity in your own life. It’s there!

1 thought on “Serendipity

  1. A thought provoking article, very well written. I for one am glad you had to spend some time in “semi-isolation”, without which, we might never have benefitted from TFL. Thank you. 😊


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