Psychological or Emotional Well-being

This is an excerpt from my third book FIT AFTER 40 which is out in stores and on Amazon now.
Fit after 40How does one ever know if one is truly psychologically well? I’m not sure there is a definitive answer to that question. How we feel changes and often depends on how we react to our circumstances and the world around us. 
We are subject to a range of emotions. The balance of these emotions is more important in the overall scheme of things. Anxiety, fear, sadness and other negative emotions are not necessarily bad for us. They are, instead, signals for us to look at a situation and understand what to do about it. Instead of suppressing these emotions (which sometimes may result in many unwarranted repercussions like depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, loss of friendships, isolation and so on), use them as a reminder to look deeper. 
There may be times when we feel terribly unwell within ourselves. Times of stress, family or work pressure or the loss of someone dear can upset our emotional/ psychological equilibrium quite dramatically. There are other times when we are calm even under stressful situations.
Some of us are aware of these changes as we experience them and explore them to understand the motivations and delve into possible changes to implement. Some are quite naïve about inner well-being and its implications on health. 
Think about it. Wouldn’t you say that the range and complexity of your psychological inner life is just as much a reality as your physiological and physical body? 
The Greek philosopher Socrates had said, ‘An unexamined life is not worth living.’From time to time ask yourself what’s going on in your mind. What do you think about life in general; your own life in particular? What meaning or purpose do you find? Are you happy, fulfilled, discontented or disinterested? What are the values that drive your attitudes to your existence? What brings you joy? What are your loves, your hates and your disappointments? Have you any idea as to who and what you are as an individual or how you are becoming your own person? 
Self-awareness is key to growth. How can we move forward if we don’t know where we are? 
Our emotional well-being is quite different from our physical well-being although they are intimately intertwined. While we can certainly improve mood and sense of well-being by incorporating regular exercise into our day, being ‘well’ emotionally requires other practices like deep contemplation, meditation, reflection and an understanding of our true motives and ourselves. It requires us to ask ourselves the question, ‘What will truly make for a better life for me?

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