My Experience With TFL

My Experience With TFL - KarishmaMy association with TFL goes way back to 2002. TFL is the best thing that has ever happened in my life and I am so grateful for it . Having Dr Sheela Nambiar as my wellness mentor is nothing better I could ask for.

For me, TFL in the beginning was just like going to any other fitness studio. I thought it would be just about exercising and losing weight. But I was so wrong. TFL is a temple of wellness for me where I was taught to be fit in all aspects…. physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It offered me a whole new world of good health and happiness. 

I was always on a lean side and I considered myself fit. I always lived with the misconception that being thin means being fit. But once I started my exercise routine with TFL I was shocked. I met ladies from all walks of life and all with different sizes and different age groups and I was left dumbfounded to see them perform their exercises so well with such perfection and good form. I was left ashamed… Ladies much older to me were so good in their form and their intensity so high… wow !!!! It’s then I realised I had a long road ahead. I made them my motivators, my friends and my TFL buddies. We keep motivating each other and share our fitness goals, a whole new world of positivity and happiness.

Dr Nambiar’s workshops (healthy eating, self esteem, self confidence and personality development) has helped me to think about myself and my family’s health holistically. I am now able to help my friends and family into leading a healthy lifestyle. Being a teacher, I am able to instill all the healthy tips and exercise routines into my students lifestyle and encourage them to respect and love them for who they are and to respect their body always.

The knowledge which I have gained about different food groups and their nutritional values had made my cooking so healthy. I can eat what I want without depriving myself but of course in right quantity and right proportion. So I am not starving or depriving myself or following any kind of crash diet courses.

Because of TFL, I am more aware of my body and I am always conscious about my surroundings. I now take the stairs instead of lifts, take a walk for getting work done instead of using a transport and very much aware of the food that I eat. I shop sensibly and I don’t get home any junk which might tempt me when I’m hungry. My fridge is always stocked with fresh veggies, fruits and nuts.

I am now a confident, happy and a better person. All credit goes to Dr Nambiar. The most important thing that I have learnt from her is “never give up.” Nothing comes easy in life. We all have to work hard to achieve our goals. So stay positive and be happy.
Dr Nambiar has always been a pillar of support and I always wish happiness for her. 

– Karishma Chugani                                                                                                               Primary Teacher and House Wife



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