Exercising Is about More than Just Weight Loss…

I come from a family of big noses and big bellies! Since the belly is the only thing within my control, I’ve always been vigilant about it. Luckily, being athletic in school helped me not succumb to the belly when I was younger, but progressive physical dormancy and poor eating habits during my medical college days made me a victim.

Exercising is about more than just weight lossOn the contrary, every time I came home for the holidays I would see my parents getting fitter. My dad, a surgeon, went regularly to the gym and my mother, a paediatrician, attended the TFL classes enthusiastically everyday of the week. Their transformation has been awe-inspiring. If my parents could find time in their terribly busy schedule for fitness I certainly had no excuse! So, this time when I came home for my study holidays I joined the TFL classes.

All it took was one class to get me hooked. I am so much more energised, active and finally, feel like myself again.The racing heart and sore muscles are strangely satisfying. It gives me the much needed break from studying during the day and the fuel to keep me going.

Previously I was a cardio freak. Now TFL has helped me understand how important weight training and flexibly are for holistic fitness. I am now more aware of what I eat and have stopped treating my stomach like a garbage bin.

Like Dr. Sheela always says “Do it for your health, looking good is just a great side effect!”

– Dr. Ashwini Krishnamoorti

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3 thoughts on “Exercising Is about More than Just Weight Loss…

  1. Tfl has brought a whole new vision in my life..walking was one good source of exercise for me I enjoyed doing it in the gardens when I used to see our senior Dr nambiar doing her daily rounds . Enjoyed working with young girls but little did I realise my entire life came to an abrupt halt with traumatic fractures..two years I battled to be on my feet with two surgeries and physio therapies…at one stage i got the fear of walking in case I am going to trip..that’s when Dr had invited us to the celebration of yoga day ..I was shocked to see the commitment of Dr.sheila and her team of tfl members being so supple ..when one Mrs.aji jaiprakash my good old friend suggested I meet Dr.. The day I met Dr sheila was the changing point of my disabled life ..the time and effort she put on me was incredible…one word that rung and is still ringing in my ears are Daphne you ,CAN do it..I could hardly walk here and these words were rather shocking but I that day decided to give it a try…Dr said don’t worry I will give you a chair to start off ..mind you it needed a lot of guts to be among the professional exercisers with my disability. But amazingly I could get on the floor and start the routine though still I am coping …now after two half months of exercise and losing 5 kgs no one will even remotely associate me with those disabilities..thanks to tfl my life has changed..I walk confidently my muscles around my leg is strong and the fear of walking has vanished ..I look forward to my day and am grateful to Dr.Sheila for instilling confidence in me …we the women of ootacamund are blessed and fortunate to have Dr. As our source of inspiration and those of us who have been under her guidance.god bless Drs endeavours.thank you tfl .


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