Establishing the right foundation for fitness!

By Anita Rajesh

Way back in 2006, when I lived in Ooty, I went in for a consultation with Dr Nambiar to talk to her about general wellbeing, weight and so on. As per her advice to start exercising, I joined the TFL group exercise classes in Ooty. To be frank, I was clueless about exercise and the benefits until then. The camaraderie of the ladies in the group class, the music, and the fun fitness clothes attracted me! After that there was no looking back. My form wasn’t great initially,  but I did my best  to keep up, learn the form of exercise, the choreography of the cardio classes and stay with the intensity of the workout.


Graduating in Nutrition and Dietetics complimented my love for fitness, I don’t follow a strict diet all the time, but I am more careful with what I eat or rather, I practice mindful eating!

On relocating to Coimbatore from Ooty, it took me a while to get into a proper routine. Initially I signed up at one of the gyms here. I wasn’t however able to sustain memberships and attendance. I felt there is nothing to beat TFL though! Especially the stretch sessions, the positive vibes and energy.

For me personally, it is important to look healthy, fit and presentable irrespective of the profession I am in or age I may be. Thanks to you Dr Nambiar, who has inculcated this attitude in me, I always keep that in mind! Your books Get Size Wise, Gain To Lose & Fit After 40, the monthly Newsletters and your posts on TFL, Facebook and Instagram page – @tfl.trainingforlife are motivating and indeed very helpful.

Currently, I live in a gated community consisting of about 320 flats. I see that not many women exercise here. It is sad to see that most women, even those much younger than I am don’t seem too concerned about their health or weight. Many a times, they are taken aback, when I say I am as old as I am (at 40).

Lucky me to have been inducted into fitness and trained by a Gynaecologist and Fitness expert. I know that if I hadn’t got trained and motivated in the right way at the start, I would’ve had a very different attitude toward fitness, health and weight. I had a sound foundation in fitness. Thanks again Dr Nambiar for the the education you have been providing for women from all walks of life. You are a real inspiration to many and it’s a pleasure being a part of TFL!

Kudos to you…..Keep rocking!!!

2 thoughts on “Establishing the right foundation for fitness!

  1. When I read articles from fellow Tfl students it reminds me how much of an impact Dr Sheela and her classes have had on my life in terms of health, diet, fitness and mental well-being. A great pick me up for those who may have fallen by the way side.


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