Lifestyle change for lifestyle disease.

There’s been a surge in interest in health and wellness among lay people and much of the medical fraternity who are beginning to understand that ‘health & well-being’ is different from ‘medical care’ which is essentially the care of ‘sick’ people. There’s much we can do to prevent disease, especially the kind that is called non-communicable disease or NCD. These chronic diseases, like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, depression, PCOS, metabolic syndrome are lifestyle related and therefore can be prevented, treated and even reversed using lifestyle change.

If we want to change the tide or burgeoning lifestyle diseases in our country and globally, we need to begin by paying more attention to the main pillars of Lifestyle Medicine – Feet (exercise), Fork (diet), Fingers (smoking/addictions), Sleep, Stress & Relationships.   I would add Environment (your immediate home & work environment, sunlight, pesticide, water, toxins etc. etc. ) to the pillars

To many, it seems too simple to be of any real value. Change our daily habits & change our health, wellbeing & lives? Don’t we need medication, tests, surgery and so on? Yes we may need those things. Allopathic Medicine has certainly made tremendous contribution in progressing science and research and  saving lives. But, we also need to be discerning in how we make use of it

There is much of our health and well-being that is within our own control. Let us implement that control using the pillars of Lifestyle Medicine and be empowered to take our health into our own hands.

This webinar on work-life balance that I participated in was based on Lifestyle Medicine and stressed the various modalities one has within ones own power to implement to better health and quality of life. It was hosted by Pehla Sukh, India Wellness Initiative, and CWC from Silicon Valley.

Here’s a part of the webinar on YouTube.

Here’s a link to an article about the event.  



1 thought on “Lifestyle change for lifestyle disease.

  1. I like the part the feet fork and fingers play in our goal to a healthy lifestyle. The other thing that plays a vital role is something that we take too much for granted- sleep, stress and relationship. But after going through Dr. Sheela’s webinar, I have learned nothing can be taken for granted. Every aspect of life either contributes to our wellbeing or ruins our health. Thank you Dr. Sheela. That was an informative piece of write up and loved the talk as well.


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