I am an Obstetrician/ Gynecologist. It’s tough, it’s stressful, with chaotic unpredictable hours but totally satisfying! Love dealing with women, their issues and their amazing resilience.

Six years into my profession, I took on another avatar (like Obgyn wasn’t enough!) – Fitness & Lifestyle. This is my passion. I have, over the years, managed to merge my profession and my passion into one exciting, challenging course of work which, quite frankly, seem so interrelated. Women’s bodies, their minds, their physical & emotional fitness….. inseparable!

So beside my daily responsibilities at the hospital delivering babies, surgeries and out-patient clinics, I teach fitness classes, consult on fitness related issues, fat loss, muscle gain and so on. Many of the problems women face like back pain, depression, PCOD, recovery from illness, injury or even childbirth are closely interlinked to their fitness levels. It seems only natural therefore to connect Medicine for Women with Fitness for Women and create one cohesive field.

In this blog I address relevant topics. I have also invited other authors to contribute to make it more diverse and interesting.

Happy reading!



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  1. I had been your reader just at ‘ The Hindu’, now online as well. You are simply great. I’m surprised with the accuracy of your knowledge on exercise. Very very valuable words. Stick with it and keep breaking the myths.


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