My Journey With TFL…

TFL Client TestimonialFor much of my life I was a victim of wanting to lose weight as since my young days had the battle with the bulge. Ten years ago when I moved to a new country and started a new life, I gained a lot of weight. 

I decided to move to India to concentrate on my fitness. I did have lot of thoughts as I had to give up a good job and leave my hubby behind. Most of all I thought people are going to laugh at me and judge me. But, thanks to my family as they were very supportive especially my hubby.

I joined Dr.Sheela Nambiar at TFL Chennai/Ooty, in the year 2009 and since then there has been no looking back at all. I have transformed into a new person physically and mentally.

TFLThe most obvious result of exercise of course is the physical appearance but the benefits of regular exercise to the mind are amazing. 

Since 2009, I have become a mother of two lovely boys. During my first pregnancy, I decided to exercise and continued to train especially as I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I was on a  strict diet but it paid off as I had a normal delivery. Second time around I was much fitter and healthier but I still had gestational diabetes.

I was a bit disheartened but I continued to exercise and diet. I had a 4.1kg baby, a big fellow but still managed to deliver him normally, thanks to my fitness. 6 weeks after my delivery I started my exercise routine. I was amazed at my body. Within few days I got back to my regular cardioroutines and weight training and I could see results. I was happy that all effort during my pregnancy was helpful.

6 months down the line, doing regular exercise gives me the energy to handle both my boys and run around with them. No one believes I’m a mum of two!

I can’t thank Dr.Sheela Nambiar for all the input and effort she has put in me.

I’m truly blessed to be under her guidance.

By Janani Rajasekaran

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Life Begins at 50

IMG-20180515-WA0101Like all women in Indian society, I put my husband and family first and took the back seat where my own wellness was concerned. I got my wake-up call one day in 2013, when I got on to the scales and was completely shocked! I was horrendously overweight, had swollen ankles, and was waddling around like a duck. I realised that I desperately
needed to turn my life around.I had heard about TFL, but… was apprehensive and embarrassed about starting exercise at this ‘late stage’ of my life. I wondered whether it would be possible to lose the weight I had gained. I met with Dr. Sheela Nambiar, got a physical and joined TFL. The first few months were really tough. The pain was excruciating in my back and in my legs. Muscles I had never used had woken up and were protesting! But, I was determined! The other ladies in TFL were also terribly encouraging. Now, after nearly two years, I have become healthier, my aches and pains have almost disappeared and I have lost a lot of weight.

Once we hit 50, we tend to throw in our gloves, wait for menopause and lifestyle diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure to pounce on us. Yes, this could be the case if we don’t exercise and don’t eat appropriately. But….who says that as you get older, life has to be a never-ending cycle of aches and sickness? Why should life stop or decline after 50? We are lucky to have Dr. Sheela as our guide/instructor who, despite her busy schedule, takes a personal interest in each one of us. TFL has built up my confidence, helped me to make new friends, has improved my health and changed my view of life. For me, life began at 50 and I’m going to make the rest of my life the best of my life.

By Rekha Peter